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Die allgemeinen Daten zu Rene Thomsens Ruthless

Name Rene Thomsens Ruthless
Genre: Metal
Kommt aus: Isernhagen
Machen Musik seit: März.2006
Logo Rene Thomsens Ruthless

Kurzvorstellung von Rene Thomsens Ruthless

For fans of musical metal excellence THOMSEN comes like a bolt out of the blue ; nothing less than a musical Who?s Who !

featuring artists from:

Halford - Black Sabbath - Saxon - Accept - Krokus - Victory - Masterplan and more

To many stars of the rock and metal scene, Ren? Thomsen is already a well known name.
Born in Schleswig in 1963 Ren? established his firm BRS (Backline Rental Service) in 1996 working behind the scenes of major events such as The Echo Awards and 50 Years of Rock (on ZDF - Germanys biggest TV national stations) furthermore bands such as Machine Head, Social Distortion, Tiamat, King's X rely on BRS for their tour equipment and he lends his technical expertise to stars
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With his new project we are introduced to an as yet unknown side of Ren? Thomsen,
?Ren? the composer, lyricist and musician?
Along with various big names from the music scene Ren? has compiled an all star band
the result of which is

Producing and playing guitar on the THOMSEN album is none other than Herman Frank
?(Accept ; Victory ; Moon Doc) previous productions that he has worked on include Saxon , Messiahs Kiss, Molly Hatchet and Rose Tattoo.

J?rgen Wulfes is the voice and lyricist of THOMSEN. He was the main man behind introducing ?shouting the bar? to Germany and he composed most of the songs from the band Cholane. Also he was with Moon Doc

Born and raised in San Antonio Texas and mostly known as the drummer from Riot and the British metal legend Rob Halford, who said about Bobby ? seeing a videotape of the sickest drum solo I've seen in my life. It takes a lot to impress me because I've been around the block! I knew Bobby from Riot but had never seen him play live. He's like an illusionist on the drum kit. It's effortless and entertaining, and he's just brilliant - the best heavy metal drummer I know."
Besides that Bobby perfomed with various artist including Iced Earth, Demons & Wizards und Sebastian Bach.
Bobby performs most of the songs on the THOMSEN laying down a phenomenally powerful foundation for the album

Born as Philip Neil Murray on 27th August in Edinburgh Scotland , Neil could easily be described as a living legend . As Bass player he has played with Whitesnake, Gary Moore and naturally with Black Sabbath on the excellent TYR album from 1990 where we can say he wrote a part of rock history. In THOMSEN you can hear him on the songs ?Stand Up And Shout? und ?You And Me?

Some of the Bass is played by Timothy ? Nibbs? Carther born in 1966 in England and who is also responsible for the bass on a total of 13 Saxon Albums. His unique bass playing can be heard on ?Ruthless?, ?Tears Of The Sun? und ?Branded Man? and more

Stefans breakthrough into the international music scene began in 1987 with Running Wild followed by appearances with Accept, U.D.O., Moon' Doc und Skew Siskin.
International tours took him round the world and with Helloween he played the biggest Festivals such as Wacken Open Air, Earthshaker and Sweden Rock. In 2005 he played on the Krokus Album ?Hellraiser?, which reached number 2 in the Swiss album charts and earned him a gold record. With THOMSEN Stefan?s amazing drum work can be heard on ?Stand Up And Shout? und ?You And Me?
Jan was born on 4th Dec 1965 in Quickborn Germany and is well known for his bass work with Iron Saviour and Masterplan. With THOMSEN Jan plays on the titles ?Time Again?, ?Blind Your Eyes? und ?Bang Your Head? and the Hymn Heaven & Hell?

Ingo is a session player who has worked with various artists and arranged the acoustic version of the Scorpions hit ?Rock You Like A Hurricane? and is also the guitar tech of Matthias Jabs (Scorpions).
You can hear Ingo on the THOMSEN titles ?Heaven & Hell? und ?Bang Your Head?



The Project

March 2006
I started with the producer and old friend Herman Frank listening to songs that were first recorded and written by me for demos in the mid 80?s til the late 90?s. While listening through we decided that the songs had enough potential to record them professionally and so in April 2006 we started to record. Matthias Liebetruth "Running Wild - Trommelfeuer" was the man who helped me in a big way; Because I only had audio demos left and no Midi, he recorded the drum tracks from audio into midi data so we were then able to start with first arrangements and recordings.

Step by Step
as we found time we recorded guitars and worked on the drums and the arrangements. Finally we decided to choose five songs to complete ready to ?go shop? them at record companies.

As the Project developed
I needed a singer - I had recording sessions with Ian Parry
in Amsterdam and also with Ollie Oppermann in Hannover. In the end I got in contact with the gifted J?rgen Wulfes . He did me a favour in 2000 and put vocals first time ever on to my tracks and was as awesome then as it is now!

At this Stage
I was going for bass and over the Myspace Site I got in contact with the legendary Neil Murray whom I knew a little bit from my job on the Road. I met him while i was with Ozzy Osbourne in Oslo and came to visit with Toni Iommi ? they had a day off with Black Sabbath.? It was / is wonderful to be in contact with such a gentleman. He already played bass on several tracks.
Herman had the idea to get in touch with Nibbs Carter from Saxon who is living about 200 km away from Hannover. I got the number, called him and? spoke about my project and asked if he was interested to play bass on some tracks , which he was !

for the bass players I needed real drums. Bobby Jarzomback was going to do this for me in LA @ the Studio of Paul Shortino, but sadly time difficulties that came along with a heavy injury that I had / have with my back unfortunately made it impossible for me to fly to Los Angeles and do the recordings -
Next time Bobby :-).

Who could do the job ???.......... I spoke with the producer Herman about it, we needed to carry on recording and we only had one solution.
Stefan Schwarzman of course. I was on tour with Stefan on U.D.O - Accept etc........
Herman played with Stefan in Accept, so this was the perfect idea. Stefan came in Oktober 2007 to record the ?HERMAN FRANK? album. So I took the chance and Stefan played on some of my tracks ? Great.
As time passed ?
I had to take care of my Company BRS and needed to take a little break here and there with the recordings. By the end of the year I had written 3 more Songs ( ?Ruthless? on Christmas Eve 2006 and ?Heaven & Hell? on Christmas Eve 2007)
Bobby Jarzombek was on tour in Germany with Fates Warning ? I called him and had my friend Vasco drive to Cologne to meet him to give him all the songs i had recorded so far. ? He was kinda thrilled ? and willing to record in Germany ?
So we agreed that he would come right after the Namm show to Germany to lay down the drumtracks. It was a very impressive time in the studio ? We became friends and had? an awesome time. . .
So then he was gone and we had moved a giant step further with the project.
Ingo Powitzer came on my birthday (what a great gift ! )? in January and played lead on ?Bang your Head? & ?Heaven and Hell.?
Next I made an appointment with Nibbs Carter and he came to record 6 tracks as well as Jan Eckert from Masterplan who took care of about 4 tracks ? These two dudes really know how to rock a bass guitar ? they perfectly fit onto Bobby?s drumming........great result !
All done nearly: ? Herman fired some screaming lead guitars on the tracks where a guitar hero was needed? !!
In April Herman started mixing ?

Now I?ve got a CD coming out in May 2009 ?
It is still something I thought would never happen ? ever.
I am proud of what is recorded and I grateful l that I had the chance to be surrounded by such gifted musicians who helped me to make my dream come true.
And now: Let?s get Ruthless

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